The 1st IPB International Conference on Nutrition and Food (ICNF) 2020


1st IPB International Conference on Nutrition And Food 2020


Nutrition and Food Innovation for Better Life



  1. Prof. Dr. Hardinsyah (Indonesia, IPB University; President of FANS)
  2. Prof. Dr. Visith Chavasit (Thailand, Mahidol Univeristy)
  3. Prof. Nobuko Murayama, PhD (Japan, University of Niigata Prefecture)
  4. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jayashree Arcot (The University of New South Wales, Australia)
  5. Prof. Dr. Amin Ismail (Malaysia, Universiti Putra Malaysia)



  1. Clinical Nutrition –> Nutrition & non-communicable diseases
  2. Community Nutrition –> Diet, lifestyle & non-communicable diseases; Nutrition education & behavior change; Food & nutrition security
  3. Food Innovation –> Functional food; Food for special medical purposes; Food for special dietary uses; Indigenous food; Food for emergency relief.



The conference will be held at IICC (IPB International Convention Center), located in the heart of the Bogor City. IPB Convention Hotel is adjacent to the Botani Square Mall, the Baranangsiang bus station and the historical Bogor Botanical Garden, with various culinary spots within walking distance from the venue.  It is approximately 2 hours away from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport that can easily be reached by taking airport taxis or DAMRI buses. Besides that, there are plenty of hotels with various rates near IICC that can be an option during the stay of all the national and international participants.

Google Map: IICC IPB Bogor




This conference is organized by the Department of Community Nutrition, Faculty of Human Ecology, IPB University. This conference will have invited speakers from various countries, who are experts in the area of nutrition and food. This forum will discuss many aspects in the field of food and nutrition, ranging from clinical nutrition, community nutrition, and food innovation. Participants of the conference are expected to come from a range of professions, i.e. academia, students, government officials, researchers, the food industry, and other stakeholders. The conference will consist of plenary sessions, oral presentation sessions, and poster presentation sessions. The event will be held from 18 to 19 November 2020 at IPB International Convention Center in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia.


The objective of the 1st ICNF is to initiate a conference in the field of nutrition and foodin Indonesia that offers exchange of scientific information and motivates innovation among scientists, researchers, and professionals in the fields of nutrition, food, and health. Moreover, it is expected to provide information necessary for policy and strategy makers to improve the quality nutrition- and food-based policies in improving the health of the population.





The abstract that have been accepted for presentation may be published with two (2) choices of publication formats:

1. as a conference proceeding published in Malaysian Journal of Medicine and Health Sciences (format:, OR

2. as an original research article published in Journal of Nutrition and Food (format:

Please choose either ONE (1) of the above formats available.  

Please note that the acceptable similarity index for both formats is not more than 25 %.  For your paper to be SELECTED for our publications, you MUST follow the author guideline precisely, ensure that the similarity index of your paper is below the limit, submit the manuscript on time, follow the paper review process carefully, and complete the registration fee.


Please also note that all authors need to sign the author agreement form and the template is available at this link:  



And finally, please send your proof of payment and upload it at the following link: Payment Confirmation


Dear Presenting Authors,

Thank you for taking part in the 1st ICNF 2020. This event would be held fully online. To help you prepare for your virtual presentation we have created the guidelines below.

Please note:

  • For pre-recorded presentations we only require slides with a VoiceOver recording, however, slides with video of the presenter are encouraged as well. 
  • If you were preparing to present a poster, you may choose to send a recorded presentation or simply the PDF of your poster.

The deadline to submit your recorded presentation is November 10th, 2020 through this link

ICNF 2020 Presentation Schedule

Oral Presentation

Poster Presentation

Submission of presentation material ICNF 2020




Zuraidah (+62 896 5560 3663), Eny (+62 813 1352 4846)


1st International Conference on Nutrition and Food (ICNF)

Essay Competition Nutrition and Food for Better Life

The Essay Competition: Nutrition and Food for Better Life is an international competition where youth have an opportunity to share their idea/concept, concerns, or their research findings related to nutrition and food, and seek actionable solutions for better life.
The competition organized Department of Community Nutrition, Faculty of Human Ecology, IPB University. This activity is part of the 1st IPB International Conference of Nutrition and Food (1st ICNF). The theme of this competition also in line with the theme of the 1st ICNF, “Nutrition and Food for Better Life”
This event organized by the Department of Community Nutrition, Faculty of Human Ecology, IPB University and financially supported by the Directorate of Student Affairs, IPB University.
The judges for this competition include academia, practitioners and others who are working in the field of nutrition and food. The pre-selection of essays will be done prior to the 1st ICNF. The five (5) winners of best essays will be invited to attend the 1st ICNF with waived registration fee. During the closing ceremony of 1st ICNF, the best essays will be announced and the winners will be awarded.

Before you submit your essay, please read carefully the instruction for essay submission through this link:  Instructions for essay submission​

After that, please refers to this template for submission, make sure that you follow the format before submitting your essay for review, Essay Outline Format

And do not forget to include the statement of originality before registering. The format is as follows: statement of originality

Next, you can register and upload your abstract at this link: