SPACE-J (Saga University Program for Academic Exchange in Japanese)
Fall Semester, October 2016 to mid February 2017

Eligibility :

  • undergraduate or graduate student who has completed at least one year of study at the home institution
  • applicants must be registered as an active student during the SPACE-J program

Application procedures :

  • submit all application documents in a clear-blue folder to DITMAWA by 26 February 2016
  • interview session will be announced between 29 February-4 March 2016 (based on further announcement)
  • application documents will be sent to Saga University collectively by IPB at 8 March 2016

Documents required :

  1. SPACE Application Form
  2. One letter of recommendation
  3. Academic transcript (in English) – can be obtained at Dit.AP
  4. Language proficiency test result (JLPT N2 or higher)
  5. Certificate of enrollment – can be obtained at DITMAWA
  6. Application of certificate of eligibility for status of residence
  7. Certificate of health
  8. A bank statement of funds available for supporting the Applicant’s study abroad
  9. Five (5) identical photographs: head and shoulders, plain background, 4 cm x 3 cm
  10.  A copy of passport
All application form can be downloaded on the following link:

Please contact for further inquiries in the following format:
SPACE-J-2016/2017-Name-Student ID-Major-Inquiry

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