Materi Summer Course 2019

Materi Summer Course 2019

Day 1

–  Siti Muslimatun, Maternal and Child Nutrition Program_IPB Summer Courses

Rimbawan, Maternal and Child Nutrition

Muhammad Zaky, Safety Induction FEMA


Day 2

TIPAYANTE ARIYAPITIPUN, Overview of Thailand Maternal and children program

Noorimah A Karim, Overview of Maternal and Child nutrition programmes in Malaysia

ASAMI OTA, Mother Child Nutrition in Japan

Leila S Africa, State of Nutrition in the 1 st 1000 day


Day 4

Hardinsyah, Nutrition Education

Dwi Hastuti, Early Childhood Education in Indonesia


Day 5

Prof. Pudji Mulyono, Posyandu Cadre

Rigil Munajat, GIZ Fit for School Programme in Indonesia

Budi Setiawan, Food Products Development for Nutrition Intervention




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