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PS Curriculum Nutritional Sciences, Department of Community Nutrition prepared on the basis of Nutritional Sciences core competency, which is guided by a set curriculum Nutrition nutrition professional organization, the Association of Indonesian Nutritionist (PERSAGI) 2003 In development also refers to the Indonesian National Qualifications Framework (KKNI ) established in 2011 IPB Academic Senate decision No. 20 / I / KEP / SA / 2003 dated May 7, 2003 on Basic Education Policy IPB, Article 7, concerning the Subjects and Curriculum Development (including the update), in paragraph 2 stated that the Department establish and develop the curriculum with Key Skills (Major) and Complementary expertise (Minor).

In IPB Rector’s Decree No. 092 / K13 / PP / 2005 on Guidelines for Curriculum Development in Major Minor System Based Curriculum for the Bachelor of Education Program IPB stated that there are 5 patterns applied on the Curriculum System Major Minor Bachelor, namely:

Together Level Preparation Course (TPB) Course intercept Major Courses Courses Minor
TPB Courses Courses intercept Major Courses Courses Minor Supporting Course
TPB Courses Courses intercept Major Course Course Support
TPB Courses Courses intercept Major Courses Major Courses
TPB Courses Courses intercept Major Courses Based Faculty Courses Minor / Supporting Courses

In Nutrition PS pattern is a pattern that can be applied 1, 2 and 3, but the reality for the students are just choosing the pattern 1 and 3 Curriculum System Major Minor is competency based curriculum developed in IPB and has several advantages over the previous curriculum, ie :

Is a form of policy implementation in the IPB quality produce competent graduates and master of science and technology relevant to the welfare of the community in an efficient and accountable
Increasing student competence and broaden students to other disciplines
IPB proactive form to comply with the Decree of the Minister of National Education No. 232 / U / 2000 on the importance of each institution of higher education to develop competency-based curriculum
Students can determine the major and minor options in accordance with their own wishes and abilities
Students can obtain a double degree (double major) from the time of the study, although the study period of more than 4 years