In the level of department, Quality Control Circle (Gugus Kendali Mutu/GKM) is formed with 8 members, chaired by Secretary of Department. The task of GKM are a) Conducting monitoring to all academic and non academic activities according to the procedure, provision, agreement and regulation with aim to ensure that the Department can meet the appointed standard and quality, b) Conducting evaluation together with Head of Department to do earlier corrective action to all academic and non academic activity implementation, c) Coordinating self evaluation report following appointed standards and parameters. GKM of Department of Community Nutrition was formed based on Decision Letter of Head of Department Number: 701/I3.9.1/KP/2010. In implementation of quality assurance system, Quality Management Office (Kantor Manajemen Mutu/KMM), Quality Assurance Circle (Gugus Penjaminan Mutu/GPM) and GKM are coordinating to achieve the targeted quality.

The quality assurance system implemented in GM Department follows the system built by Education Administration Directorate IPB. The teaching quality control system includes monitoring, evaluation process and the use according to the regulation SA-IPB Number 20/I/KEP/SA/2003 date May 7, 2003, as mentioned in Chapter VI regarding Education Management Evaluation, which consists of Article 17 on Student Admission Evaluation (periodic evaluation on student admission system and method); Article 18 on Curriculum Evaluation (periodic evaluation on curriculum, including syllabus and broad guidelines on teaching program, based on scientific competence, development of science, technology and art, global challenge, and people’s need as well as preventing overlap between courses; Article 19 on Teaching Learning Process Evaluation (periodic evaluation on teaching learning process to improve education quality); and Article 20 on Academic Staff Performance Evaluation (periodic academic staff evaluation to improve education quality).