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Community Nutrition Department initially was established since 1963 under the name of Department of Family Welfare, Faculty of Agriculture. In 1968,Bogor Agricultural University initiated a new curriculum for undergraduate student with 6 years of study duration. During this period, the Department of Family Welfare offered two specializations, which were (1) Nutrition and Food science; and (2) Family Welfare science. In 1973, the curriculum in Bogor Agricultural University underwent a change in duration of study into 4 years. During this period, the Department of Family Welfare offered a specialization in Nutritional Science which its graduate entitled as bachelor of agricultural science with specialization in nutrition.


In 1976, the Department changes its name into Department of Agricultural Family Life Science with a mission aiming to develop one expertise which is nutrition. In 1981, the Department was transform into Department of Community Nutrition and Family Resources.


As Bogor Agriculture University went through reorganization and developed a new curriculum, in January 10th 2005, Department of Community Nutrition was established. Department of Community Nutrition has mandate in developing sciences in human  nutrition and the application in family   and   community (  community   nutrition) in relation with agriculture, food, nutrition and health for improving human quality.


With complete facilities and competent teaching staffs, the Department of Community Nutrition has the role in producing excellent human resources in the field of nutrition. Its graduates are well-prepared for employment   in government as well as communities to solve nutritional issues such as undernutrition and overnutrition, both of which have become a double   burden  for  this nation. Further, the researchers conducted by the lecturers have given     important     contribution     to   the   development of nutrition and food sciences in relation to community health.


The graduate educational program majoring in the science of nutrition has adopted the national curriculum of nutritional sciences   designed    by   the professional organization called Persatuan Ahli Gizi Indonesia (Indonesian Nutritional Profession Association)