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Self Assesment

To obtain effective leadership and efficient, the necessary planning and the right strategy in the development of the program. Determination of the various programs and targets made ​​through a process that involves as many faculty and existing units in the Department (Section). For things that are very substantial, consultation carried out not only by the teaching staff, but also with other stakeholders including mahasiswa.Perencanaan involving structured courses in the Department of Community Nutrition Strategic Plan which includes planning includes both long term and short term.

Business courses run the following management functions: planning, organizing, staff development, supervision, guidance, representation and budgeting.

Planning (Planning)

Business planning functions to implement the strategic plan (Plan). All plans will be synchronized at a higher level, namely at the faculty. Such plans include planting networks and academic partnerships with universities recognized abroad, improve the quality of education, research and community-based departments including global vision of improving the quality of education, improve the quality of human resources, and facilities management. Optimization of laboratory and library as well as increased scientific journal publications.


Perform the function of organizing the business very well, by giving tasks according to the capability and competence, business also formed working group (working group) / task force when needed. The function of the organization has been running well in accordance with the duties and responsibilities, if there are problems it will be discussed at regular meetings every Wednesday (rabuan) and look for the best solution.

Staff Development

Business support and encourage staff development by facilitating direct the activities for staff development such as improvement of the English language, writing training in international journals, as well as national-level training by providing intensive information and / or provide full or partial cost (subsidy). Also motivate business faculty to immediately continue their education up to the doctorate level and motivation to take abroad.


Supervision is done by assessing 1) List of Work Implementation Assessment (DP3) yearly for both educators and education personnel conducted by the head of department, 2) Lecturer Performance Index (IKD) by the section chief and chairman of the department each semester, 3) education personnel performance reports , a quarterly assessment to be done by laboratory personnel physically integrated laboratory coordinator and chair of the department as well as a quarterly assessment to be head of the academic staff and chairman of the department of administration, and 4) Recording of educators and educational attendance is computerized centralized in IPB with finger print.

IKD value of at least 12, if less than 12 then the lecturer is not getting half-yearly performance incentives and allowances or not obtaining certification / honor.


Briefing conducted by the department chair to educators and education personnel based on feedback from the development forum, parts, and according to the needs. In the last three years educators and education has attended various trainings, among others: financial training, website updates, governance laboratories, training writing English-language articles for international journals. Chairman also directed the department to continue their education lecturers S2 according to plan development department.


PS S1 Major business listed on the Nutrition Department of Community Nutrition organizational structure established by SK Chairman of the Department. Before issued in a decree (SK), chair of the department requesting input to the head part, educators and education personnel decision was a representation of all parties.


Financial management is performed at the Department level for the entire course which is under the department. Financial management is done in a transparent and accountable. Sources of funding in the Department of Community Nutrition berasaldari public funds and government (state budget). SPP consists of public funds, nontuition, research collaboration, cooperation and community service research grant. While funding is a component of personnel expenditure budget and institutional grant programs. Each year the Department of Community Nutrition submit the budget to the Rector of IPB (Directorate Keauangan) using probate budget usage (SPPA) which will then be distributed through the existing petty cash in the department. In the process of preparing SPPA departments coordinate with study programs. Each study program work plan and annual budget (AABP) are then proposed to the department and then compiled and processed into AABP Department on which the budget submission to IPB. Based on the AABP operasinal funds monthly program of study will be issued periodically (monthly). Mechanism of operating funds is done by using operating funds proposal letter from the chairman / coordinator of the study program to the Chairman of the Department which will then be processed in the finance department at the department level.