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List of Facilities

Some of the facilities available in the Department of Community Nutrition, among others:

  1. Lecture Room
  2. Auditorium Nutrition
  3. Seminar Room
  4. Courtroom
  5. Laboratory of Food Chemistry and Analysis
  6. Laboratory of Sports Nutrition
  7. Laboratory of Nutritional Biochemistry
  8. Laboratory of Experimental Food
  9. Organoleptic Assessment Laboratory
  10. Sanitation and Food Safety Laboratory
  11. Laboratory dietetic and Culinary
  12. Laboratory Anthropometry and Physical Measurements
  13. Laboratory Animal Experiments
  14. Laboratory of Microbiology and Public Health
  15. Laboratory of Food and Nutrition Management Services
  16. Laboratory Nutrition Consultation
  17. Computer Laboratory
  18. Nutrition Education Media Studio
  19. Library
  20. Healthy Canteen