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Strategic plan

It was agreed that the orientation of the three responsibilities of program development at S1 Nutrition Program is intended to improve the quality of graduates with the development of science and technology and the needs of the community / stakeholders, through improving the quality of the InputProcessOutput. Framework used by the Nutritional Sciences Program S1 to achieve the vision, mission and goals, and develop the program are presented in Figure 1 below. Basically the strategy is to follow the strategy pursued by RAISE Relevance (R), Atmospheric Academic (A), Internal Management (I), Sustainability (S), Productivity and Efficiency (E)).

The strategy applied in Nutritional Sciences Program S1 through the following efforts:

  1.  Improving the quality of candidate inputs (prospective students).
  2. Promotion of a more intensive and targeted.
  3. Enhancing the quality of faculty and support staff.
  4. The creation of the academic atmosphere which supports the learning process and the development of good nutritional sciences through increased faculty-student interaction, teachers, and students.
  5. Facilitation of faculty and students with learning experiences and support facilities such as library collections and cutting-edge information technology.