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Graduates S1 Nutrition has established a set of alumni Alumni Association Nutrition called IPB. The alumni according to the capacity and work formally or informally active role in supporting both academic and non-academic, to contribute ideas, facilities, funds, and actively involved in various activities organized PS IPB S1 Nutrition, among others:

Alumni participate in facilitating academic activities such as:

  •      CTF (working class professions)
  •      Intership dietetics (practical work in the hospital). Alumni who work in hospitals to provide access and assist in the implementation of activities in the RS ID.
  •      Assistant, Enumerator, Data Processing Research
  •      Community Service
  •      assistant Course
  •      Improvements to the curriculum contribute ideas. Many alumni who have occupied important positions in the government, professional organizations (PERSAGI), and private parties.
  •      donations Facility

Contribution of the facilities provided in the form of Textbook and besides the role of alumni Nutrition Program S1 IPB also received various assistance to repair and addition of new facilities provided by the company or institution where the alumni work.

Alumni also participate in non-academic activities such as:

  1.      Promotion and development of co-operation department. Promoting the department, to private enterprise, government, NGOs, Educational Institutions.
  2.      Nutritional Sciences Program S1 IPB also play an active role in the conduct of activities in the form of seminars, workshops, training and so forth. The event is always supported by alumni who help publications and participation in their respective institution. In addition, according to the alumni of competence is often invited to be a speaker in order to improve the quality of students.
  3.      Network development, alumni of the Nutritional Sciences Program S1 IPB active role in shaping network that acts as the initiator forming Nutrition Indonesian Scholar Association (ISAGI), Regional Coordinator for West Java is S1 Nutrition IPB
  4.      Raising funds,

Activities organized by both the business and student of Nutritional Sciences Program S1 received financial support from alumni, especially in the case as liaison and intermediary for assistance sponsorship and corporate CSR programs and related agencies. Alumni are acting as the contact person for the agency.