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Applied Nutrition Division

Mandate section:

Development of nutritional science related to health, intelligence, fitness and work productivity as well as its application to individuals, families and communities


  • Nutrition in the Life Cycle (such as growth, nutritional adequacy).
  • Nutrition and Health.
  • Nutrition and Intelligence.
  • Nutrition and Fitness.
  • Nutrition and Work Productivity.
  • Sports Nutrition.Emergency Nutrition.
  • Dietetic.
  • Nutritional Status Assessment.
  • Dietary Assessment.



  •      Food consumption, nutritional status and influential factors.
  •      The interaction of substances in the body associated with health and  intelligence.
  •      Relation of nutrition to fitness.
  •      Relation of nutrition to labor productivity.
  •      Linkages with sports nutrition.
  •      Diet for various diseases, fitness, sports.
  •      Nutrition education to improve community nutrition.
  •      Diet in a state of emergency.
  •      Food consumption and Nutrition Linkages with infectious and non-infectious diseases.
  • Food and Nutrition Linkages resistance to the spread of the disease, survival, longevity.
  • Nutritional care techniques suitable to tackle the problem of nutrition.
  • Nutritional studies on various socioeconomic groups.