Indonesian Food Concern Student Association (HMPPI)


Indonesian Food Concern Student Association (HMPPI) is a national level student association which is focused in foods and nutritions area. HMPPI was established on 23rd of August 2005 in Bogor Agricultural University (IPB). At the present time, HMPPI expands to six regions, which are Sumatera, Jabodetabek area, West Java, Central Java – Jogjakarta, East Java, and Kalimantan (Borneo).

HMPPI as a food and nutrition concern student association aims to improve students’ competency, networking, and concern towards foods and nutritions condition and policy in society, as well as community nutrition, both in national and international level.

As an organization, HMPPI structure is divided in to four divisions, which are advisory board, control council board, executive board, and coordinators for each region, in which those divisions are actively doing their role and duty in order to create foods and nutritions awareness in society. Seminar, workshops, expo, and rural community development are the media used to achieve that goal.



HMMPI is committed to produce qualified students who concern in foods and nutritions based on intelligence in order to achieve nation’s welfare as a part of global community.



  1. Improving members’ competency in professions and organizations.
  2. Expanding integrated networks amongst foods and nutritions stakeholders, both in national and international level.
  3. Increasing members’ concern and active participation in foods and nutritions policy, both in national and international level.

Promoting local food sources, as well as local food products.