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Nutrition Science Student Union (HIMAGIZI)


Established on 7th of March 2007, HIMAGIZI is a student union of IPB’s Nutritional Science course, Department of Community Nutrition, Faculty of Human Ecology. This student union was established to develop students’ softskill in organization.
Himagizi consists of six divisions, which are professions division, public relations division, foods and nutritions concern division, human resources development division, communications and informations division, and enterpreneurship division. Each division manages to organize a one year period programmes. Himagizi’s members consist of active and passive members. The active members are those who organize the programmes, while the passive members are all students of Community Nutrition Department.

Vision and Mission

HIMAGIZI as a student union and organization that accommodates students’ interests and competencies in developing human nutritional sciences, and its application to individual, family, and community, which relating nutritional science with agriculture, food science and health in order to optimalize human resources quality.

1. A place for students to develop their professionalism in nutritional science area, as one of important area in developing nations.
2. Providing a media to channel students’ idea in order to improving nutritional knowledge related to agriculture, foods, and health by promoting a good interaction and communication, as well as good cooperation and collaboration with other students and institutions.
3. Spreading informations to all level of society about the importance of nutritions role in our life cycle.
4. Promoting a good cooperation and collaboration in the area of nutritions related to agriculture, foods, health, and other institutions.

The plan and goal of Himagizi

The plans of Himagizi within one year period are as follows:
1. Familiarize nutrition in IPB area
2. Utilizing a correspondence media
3. Organizing big scale events in IPB that can be participated by all IPB students.
4. Spreading nutritional messages, both in social media and IPB area.

The goals of Himagizi within one year period are as follows:
1. Within 6 months period, the members are able to spread nutritional messages, both in social media and IPB area.
2. Within 6 months period, the members are able to familiarize nutritional messages by introducing nutrition bulletin.
3. Within one year period, the members are able to organize a big scale event which is participated by students of IPB in general.

The divisions in Himagizi

1. Executive Board Division
Programmes planning and regulatory affairs (both internal and external) are the duty of executive board division. This division consists of The President, Vice President, Executive secretary, and treasurer. The president and vice president of Himagizi are responsible in coordinating the intra-divisions relation of Himagizi and external relations, as well as making decision and policy needed for Himagizi. The executive secretary are responsible in regulating every administration related to Himagizi, as well as every correspondence needed for external relations. Treasurer are responsible in managing financial of Himagizi.
2. Professions division
The duty of professions division is managing and organizing programmes related to nutrition professions, as well as giving a broad understanding of nutrition area prospective sectors.

3. Public relations division
Public relations division is responsible for bridging and promoting good cooperation and collaboration between Himagizi and external institutions as Himagizi’s partners.

4. Enterpreneurship division
Enterpeneurship division is responsible for creating a creative nutrition enterpreneur as in nutrition and food bazaar and expo, which is further expected to give financial contribution for Himagizi.

5. Informations and communications division
This division is responsible for spreading nutritional information as in nutritional messages and Himagizi events related to nutrition and foods by social media, bulletin board, and weekly bulletin.

6. Foods and Nutritions concern division
Foods and nutritions concern division is responsible for managing a rural community development activity by focusing on foods and nutritions area. The activity is a continous event, in which the next period will continue what previous period had done. The aim of the activity is to create foods and nutritions awareness among the villagers.

7. Human resources development division
The duty of human resources and development division are managing and developing the skill of members, as well as to create a friendly atmospehere among the students and staffs.