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Internship Dietetic


Dietetic Field Work in Hospital is basically a compulsary internship for the students’ of Community Nutrition Department IPB in hospitals. In this field work, students are implementing the theory of clinical nutrition by doing a direct assessment to patients, diagnosing patients’ nutritional problem, planning and giving a proper nutrition intervention for correcting patients’ nutritional problem, monitoring the intervention given, and evaluating the intervention given compared to the previous patients’ condition. Besides, students are expected to promote a good communication and collaboration with health professionals in hospital.

To gain experience and improve knowledge in hospital nutritional care process. Particularly, the field work’s aims are as follows:
1. Assessing patients’ nutritional status,
2. Diagnosing patients’ nutritional problem,
3. Planning, giving intervention, monitoring, and evaluating patients’ nutritional care based on doctors’ diagnosis,
4. Improving nutritional status for individual and family,
5. Gaining as much knowledge and experience in order to adapt well with working environment.