Prof Clara: Be independent family towards the real food security

Prof Clara, Professor of Nutritional Sciences Department of Community Nutrition IPB urges people toward Independent Family on Food. A total of more than 200 seeds of Cavendish bananas were distributed and planted in more than 5 villages in the district of Bogor, including the village of Kampung Sawah, Rabak, Cidokom, Gobang, Babakan and several other villages. Prof. Clara very much hopes that these villages will be Independent Villages in the future.

The banana seedlings were given to the School and families with children and the elderly. She hopes that banana seedlings could be grown and harvested which then the result could be sold for supporting the financial education of their children, and the elderly could spend their time caring for the plants.

She also distributed the seedlings to FEMA staffs in the hope FEMA together towards Food Security Families with utilizing their own yard. And started to grow other crops followed Cavendish bananas.

The distribution of Cavendish seedlings has a message of community empowerment, unity and independence. Prof Clara hopes people will start to grow and love plants towards Food Security Families and help the success of the Food and Community Movement and Courtyard Community Indonesia (KPKP-ID).

Prof Clara also forwards the noble messages from Prof. Haryono Suyono, former Coordinating Minister for People’s Welfare and Former Chairman of the BKKBN (National Family Planning Coordinating Board) which is now the chairman of the PWRI (Association of Superannuated Republic of Indonesia) and the Foundation Damandiri. Prof Haryono hopes that Cavendish bananas become a trigger to increase plant collections at home as the garden Independent Families.

Prof. Clara who very active in the field of community service has great hopes and dreams so that more Indonesian families who want to optimize garden and yard into a garden of Food and Nutrition. Let towardsthe Real Food Security, Let became an Independent Family, and no longer become a helpless family, Prof Clara conveyed its message. (Eny Palupi)

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