How to Achieve Self-Sufficiency on Beef in Indonesia?

Prof Hardinsyah, Professor of Nutritional Sciences Department of Community Nutrition IPB and Chairman PATPI (Society of Nutrition and Food Specialist Indonesia) with Prof Muladno, Professor of Animal Production Department of Animal Production Technology IPB, which currently serves as the Director General of Animal Husbandry and Animal Health (PKH) talk about the Indonesian Beef Self-Sufficiency in live events talk show “Indonesia Morning Show”. Prof Muladno optimistic that vision Beef Self-Sufficiency good to be realized for a better Indonesia. How to realize it? Sure, the procurement of cattle-breeders as the primary producers is the first stage, said Prof. Muladno. Prof Hardinsyah very agrees with this noble vision. Prof. Hardinsyah reminded that for the success of the whole program, the mindset and the holistic approach from upstream to downstream is urgent to be applied in a structured and systematic movement with taking into account the local culture. Prof Hardinsyah also warned that Indonesia not only want to achieve the self-sufficiency on beef but also on other essential commodities such as rice, sugar, soybeans, and corn. Therefore, the management of maintenance from the cattle-breeders, feed, until the meat output should be regulated holistically along with efforts to promote agriculture of Indonesia, particularly in the management of land use, food resources, water, human resources and also the Indonesian culture. To realize the Self-Sufficiency Beef Indonesia, Prof Muladno creates a program so called “Partnership Mulya 52”. This is a joint partnership program between the government as a provider of breeders, investors as monthly fund provider and cattle ranchers as a custodian. The program is done by investing over 52 months to obtain a five clappers and 2 glories. More news see (Eny Palupi).

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