Due to the success in creating a health and nutrition post service to increase the nutritional status of under-five children in Lebak Gede Village, District of Pulomerak, Cilegon, Venny Agustiani Mahardikawati, a nutritionist from Pulomerak, who is also an alumni of Department of Community Nutrition, Faculty of Human Ecology, Bogor Agricultural University, won the competition on Nutritionist Exemplary category from Banten Province in 2015 and get a chance to follow a series of celebration activities 70th Anniversary of Independence together with President Joko Widodo.

Vanny said, the health and nutrition post in Lebak Gede Village is an innovated service on nutrition and health to represent nutritionists from Cilegon,Province of Banten. After conducting a series of selection, which starts from the written test, a visit to the central location of the postal service of nutritional enhancement, and assessment the neighbourhood, the jury ultimately provide the best value to Venny as the best nutritionist.

“This health and nutrition post service is created to provide a regular medical check-up and treatment for under-five children, a socialization on how to prepare a safe food for the mothers, and to maintain environmental health,” said Venny when met Cilegon News Online (BCO), Friday, August 21, 2015.

Source: beritacilegon.co.id

Prof Clara, Professor of Nutritional Sciences Department of Community Nutrition IPB urges people toward Independent Family on Food. A total of more than 200 seeds of Cavendish bananas were distributed and planted in more than 5 villages in the district of Bogor, including the village of Kampung Sawah, Rabak, Cidokom, Gobang, Babakan and several other villages. Prof. Clara very much hopes that these villages will be Independent Villages in the future.

The banana seedlings were given to the School and families with children and the elderly. She hopes that banana seedlings could be grown and harvested which then the result could be sold for supporting the financial education of their children, and the elderly could spend their time caring for the plants.

She also distributed the seedlings to FEMA staffs in the hope FEMA together towards Food Security Families with utilizing their own yard. And started to grow other crops followed Cavendish bananas.

The distribution of Cavendish seedlings has a message of community empowerment, unity and independence. Prof Clara hopes people will start to grow and love plants towards Food Security Families and help the success of the Food and Community Movement and Courtyard Community Indonesia (KPKP-ID).

Prof Clara also forwards the noble messages from Prof. Haryono Suyono, former Coordinating Minister for People’s Welfare and Former Chairman of the BKKBN (National Family Planning Coordinating Board) which is now the chairman of the PWRI (Association of Superannuated Republic of Indonesia) and the Foundation Damandiri. Prof Haryono hopes that Cavendish bananas become a trigger to increase plant collections at home as the garden Independent Families.

Prof. Clara who very active in the field of community service has great hopes and dreams so that more Indonesian families who want to optimize garden and yard into a garden of Food and Nutrition. Let towardsthe Real Food Security, Let became an Independent Family, and no longer become a helpless family, Prof Clara conveyed its message. (Eny Palupi)

Prof Hardinsyah, Professor of Nutritional Sciences Department of Community Nutrition IPB and Chairman PATPI (Society of Nutrition and Food Specialist Indonesia) with Prof Muladno, Professor of Animal Production Department of Animal Production Technology IPB, which currently serves as the Director General of Animal Husbandry and Animal Health (PKH) talk about the Indonesian Beef Self-Sufficiency in live events talk show “Indonesia Morning Show”. Prof Muladno optimistic that vision Beef Self-Sufficiency good to be realized for a better Indonesia. How to realize it? Sure, the procurement of cattle-breeders as the primary producers is the first stage, said Prof. Muladno. Prof Hardinsyah very agrees with this noble vision. Prof. Hardinsyah reminded that for the success of the whole program, the mindset and the holistic approach from upstream to downstream is urgent to be applied in a structured and systematic movement with taking into account the local culture. Prof Hardinsyah also warned that Indonesia not only want to achieve the self-sufficiency on beef but also on other essential commodities such as rice, sugar, soybeans, and corn. Therefore, the management of maintenance from the cattle-breeders, feed, until the meat output should be regulated holistically along with efforts to promote agriculture of Indonesia, particularly in the management of land use, food resources, water, human resources and also the Indonesian culture. To realize the Self-Sufficiency Beef Indonesia, Prof Muladno creates a program so called “Partnership Mulya 52”. This is a joint partnership program between the government as a provider of breeders, investors as monthly fund provider and cattle ranchers as a custodian. The program is done by investing over 52 months to obtain a five clappers and 2 glories. More news see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZCGGAYXbsI (Eny Palupi).

Nine students were comprised of four post graduate students, namely Mia Srimiati, A’immatul Fauziah, Mangalik Stadium, Linda Riski Sefrina; and five undergraduate students, namely Rafsan Syabani Cholik, Soraya Qotrunnada, Dian Widya Putri, Aviani Harvika, and Akrim Said. The nine students will receive full scholarships from Chulalongkorn University to follow a series of activities under “Scholarship Program for ASEAN Countries”. They will follow a student exchange program for one semester at Chulalongkorn University, that is from August to December 2015. Today these nine students were briefed by the Head of the Department of Community Nutrition, Dr Rimbawan, and a Lecturer of Department of Community Nutrition who studies at Chulalongkorn University, Mr. Aries Sulaiman, S.Gz, M.Sc. Those scholarship recipients will depart on August 9, 2015. Congratulations and good luck! Hopefully many knowledge and good experiences will be obtained for a better Indonesia. (-Eny-)

Student Exchange from Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, Faculty of Allied Health Science – Chulalongkorn University ( Bogor, 17 – 23 Dec 2014 )

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Jadwal Kuliah Praktikum Pascasarjana S3 GIZ Ganjil 2014-2015 rev2

Jadwal Kuliah Praktikum Pascasarjana GIZ S2 Ganjil 2014-2015 rev2

Pembekalan akan dilaksanakan tanggal 8 – 18 September 2014

<a title=”Jadwal Pembekalan PKL TA. 2014/2015″ href=”http://gizi.fema.ipb.ac.id/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Jadwal-Pembekalan-PKL-2014-Suci.pdf”>Jadwal Pembekalan PKL TA 2014/2015</a>

Mahasiswa diwajibkan memakai kemeja putih dan celana panjang bahan (untuk laki-laki)

memakai kemeja putih dan celana/rok hitam (untuk perempuan) dan bagi yang memakai kerudung menggunakai kerudung putih


Berikut Daftar Pembimbing Akademik bagi Mahasiswa baru Angkatan 8 Program S1 Ilmu Gizi (Alih Jenis Pendidikan), Departemen Gizi Masyarakat T.A 2014-2015

–  <a title=”Pembimbing Akademik Angkatan 8 Program S1 Ilmu Gizi (Alih Jenis Pendidikan), 2014-2015″ href=”http://gizi.fema.ipb.ac.id/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/PA-AJ-GIZI-2014-2015-25-Agt-2014.pdf”>Pembimbing Akademik Angkatan 8 Program S1 Ilmu Gizi (Alih Jenis Pendidikan), 2014-2015</a>

Terima Kasih

Sekretariat Departemen Gizi Masyarakat

Berikut ini adalah Jadwal dan Peserta Kuliah Semester Ganjil, tahun Akademik 2014-2015 untuk mahasiswa Program S1 Ilmu Gizi (Alih Jenis Pendidikan) :

1.  <a title=”Jadwal Kuliah Sem Ganjil 2014-2015 (Alih Jenis Gizi)” href=”http://gizi.fema.ipb.ac.id/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Jadwal-ganjil-2014-2015-AJ-GIZI-26-Agt-2014.pdf”>Jadwal Kuliah Semester Ganjil 2014-2015 (Alih Jenis Gizi)</a>

2.  <a title=”Peserta kuliah sem. Ganjil 2014-2015 Alih Jenis Gizi (Angkatan 7)” href=”http://gizi.fema.ipb.ac.id/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Peserta-kuliah-1415-Angkatan-7-22-AGT-2014.pdf”>Peserta kuliah Semester Ganjil 2014-2015  (Angkatan 7)</a>

3.  <a title=”Revisi Peserta kuliah sem. Ganjil Alih Jenis Gizi (Angkatan 8)” href=”http://gizi.fema.ipb.ac.id/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Peserta-kuliah-1415-Angkatan-8-22-AGT-2014.pdf”>Revisi Peserta kuliah Semester Ganjil 2014-2015  (Angkatan 8)</a>

Sekretariat Alih Jenis Gizi