Dr.Ir. Sri Anna Marliyati, M.Si.

Sri Anna

E-mail : anna_marliyati@yahoo.com

Education :

  • Ph. D. (Community Nutrition), Bogor Agricultural University
  • M.Si (Food Science), Bogor Agricultural University
  • Ir. (Agricultural Postharvest Technology), Bogor Agricultural University


Teaching Experience :

  • Introduction to Nutrition
  • Dietetics for Infectious Diseases and Nutrition Deficiency
  • Dietetics for Non Communicable Diseases
  • Food Experimentation

Research Interest :

  • Food Fortification
  • Food Product Development for Nutrition Intervention

Community Service :

  • Extension of integrated health service post (Posyandu) Cadres
  • Extension of early education Tutors

Professional Engangement :

  • Food and Nutrition Society of Indonesia (Pergizi Pangan)