4th Nutrition Summer Course 2021

The Department of Community Nutrition is one of the pioneers in the development of nutritional sciences in Indonesia. It is well known for its expertise in the applications of nutritional sciences for individuals (human nutrition) and families/communities (community nutrition) by combining the aspects of agriculture, food, nutrition, and health for the improvement of human quality. The department is expert in four aspects of nutrition, namely: (1) Basic Nutrition; (2) Applied Nutrition; (3) Food Service Management and Environmental Health; and (4) Food and Nutrition Policy.

The 4th IPB Nutrition Summer Course program will provide a comprehensive overview on maternal and child nutrition programs in Indonesia. The Department of Community Nutrition of IPB University will host experts in the field of maternal and child nutrition programs from several countries: Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Participants will experience how community health services are held in the respective countries.

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